About RFgene

RFgene is EDA solution for the RF/Microwave industry. RFgene is the first EDA tool in the industry which uses artificial intelligence algorithm to synthesize a circuit. Selectively automating non-critical aspects of RF design allows engineers to focus on precision-crafting their designs. numGuru RFgene circuit design solutions enable fast and accurate entry of design concepts, which includes managing design intent in a way that flows naturally in the schematic. Using this advanced, parasitic-aware environment, designers can visualize and understand the many interdependencies of an analog, RF, or mixed-signal design, and can create and verify selected passive components.

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Key Features
  • 1Automated Circuit Topology Synthesis for Any RF/Microwave linear Circuits.
  • Automated Layout Synthesis for RF/Microwave Circuits.
  • Various Optimization method like, Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing, Conjugate Gradient, Simplex method.
  • S-Parameter,Transient and Harmonic Balance simulation supported.
  • Component rotation,flip and advanced wiring features
  • A variety of components model is supported.
  • 3D View of layout.